Low and middle income countries (LMIC) Research Council

The ISPAH Low and Middle Income Research Council (ISPAH LMIC) is a new ISPAH council created in 2019. The overreaching aims of ISPAH LMIC research council are to strengthen research capacity, promote collaboration within and between members, to advance the science and provide a platform for dissemination of quality outputs to direct advocacy for and inform policy in physical activity in LMIC settings.

LMIC carry the largest burden from non-communicable diseases. In 2018, NCDs were the cause of 71% of all deaths worldwide (n=41 million deaths). Fifteen million of which were premature (between the ages of 30 and 69 years) and of these premature deaths, 85% occurring in LMICs. Physical activity is one of the major risk factors for NCDs.  

A key component of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals is to reduce one-third of premature mortality by 2030 through improving population levels of physical activity.  To achieve this global policy target requires research, dissemination and advocacy in LMIC settings to assist policy makers by providing evidence and tools for better-informed decisions.

The ISPAH LMIC Research Council will:

  • Contribute to advancing the science in relation to physical activity research in LMIC: we will facilitate training opportunities and international and trans-disciplinary collaborations to accelerate this scientific advancement.

  • Contribute to evidence-informed advocacy: support the generation of rigorous and robust evidence base to inform the formulation of public health guidelines in LMIC.

  • Support practiceof physical activity promotion:  facilitate the application of evidence-based, policy-relevant, and contextually-appropriate initiatives in encouraging physical activity in LMIC 

  • Contribute to education:  provide input into the biannual ISPAH Congress and associated workshops; training courses endorsed by ISPAH; online webinars; and teaching materials.

  • Build capacity: foster the development of early and mid-career researchers and practitioners by developing a mentoring/coaching scheme; create a database of expertise in physical activity in LMIC; contributing to the ISPAH newsletter and; networking events and opportunities for international collaboration.

LMIC Research Council Chair, Dr Nana Anokye (Brunel University London)

LMIC Research Council Chair, Dr Nana Anokye (Brunel University London)

You can become a member of the ISPAH LMIC Research Council by selecting to join when initiating or renewing your ISPAH membership. Current ISPAH members can join the ISPAH LMIC Research Council by contacting the Council Chair, Nana.Anokye@brunel.ac.uk.