ISPAH 2018, London, England

Pre-congress Early Career Network workshop (14/10/2018)

Over 20 inspiring mid-career and senior researchers and practitioners attended our one-day ECN pre-congress workshop to discuss 1) career pathways, 2) getting published, 3) securing funding, 4) advocating for physical activity and 5) taking the next career steps. The event, which was held at the Institute for Sport Exercise & Health in London, was fully booked and welcomed 40 enthusiastic early career delegates. Feedback from the event was positive and very constructive, and we are excited to introduce a slightly revised format, as well as some new opportunities for networking and interaction at our next pre-congress workshop at ISPAH2020 in Vancouver.  We would like to extend a special thanks to all our speakers, our helpers, Matt and the team at the ISEH, the ISPAH Board and of course the fantastic delegates who made the event possible. We are also very grateful to one workshop attendee, Laura Wilde, who wrote a blog about the event, available at : . 

Videos from the event will be made available to ISPAH ECN members soon.


Speed Dating (14/10/2018)

A popular event initiated at ISPAH2016 in Bangkok, London’s speed dating event was no different. Held in a traditional London pub, the event brought together early career researchers and practitioners to introduce themselves and the work they do in just 3 minutes to another person. Tepi McLaughlin brought along his whistle to enforce the strict 3 minute time limit, so that each couple could switch roles and the other person could then introduce themselves. Following a number of rounds of this networking activity, the ISPAH board members came to the event to network with the early career delegates. Thanks again to the ISPAH board for joining us.


Mentoring Lunch (15/10/2018)

The mentoring lunch was an excellent opportunity for like-minded early career researchers and practitioners to sit in small groups of 5-10 with senior people in their field of interest.  The event provided a platform to discuss specific research areas e.g. interventions, advocacy, physical activity measurement, sedentary behaviour etc, and an opportunity to meet leading researcher, practitioners and policy makers in an informal setting. Held during the first day of the conference, this event sparked a number of fascinating conversations – with some still continuing…

Biennial Meeting

Formal proceeding of the event included the vote counting and appointment to previously vacant regional representative roles, and the role of secretary. After a successful online voting process, Joey Murphy was brought on as Secretary of the network, Dr Kelly McKenzie into the role of Regional Representative for the European Region, and Dr Edtna Jauregui Ulloa as the Regional Representative for the Americas. Biographies of the Early Career Network Committee can be viewed here.

An informal feedback and brainstorming activity was initiated to collect ideas for the Early Career Network going forward. Lots of useful feedback and suggestions were made, which will be discussed by the ECN committee, and where possible, included in the workplan for 2018-2020. The workplan will be made available once finalised.