Global Advocacy for Physical Activity

GAPA is the advocacy Council of ISPAH.

The principles underpinning GAPA advocacy are:

  • The prioritization of advocacy actions is based on evidence of effectiveness,

  • The application of advocacy actions is aimed at multiple levels:

    • Global, Regional, National, local

    • Across all relevant sectors

  • Advocacy actions employ multiple strategies including:

    • Political advocacy, media advocacy, professional mobilization, community mobilization, partnerships and coalition development and advocacy within organizations.

  • Advocacy is a dedicated function of GAPA and importantly is also integrated across ISPAH – including all councils, communications, partnerships and conferences

GAPA has six core strategies to help increase physical activity levels globally:

  1. Advocate for the development of national physical activity plans and upscaling implementation

  2. Develop global consensus documents, advocacy tools and products to support global advocacy for physical activity and enabling  ISPAH to ‘speak with one voice’ on advocacy matters

  3. Use the occasion of the 6th ISAPH conference to promote and extend the proactive roles of ISPAH, ThaiHealth  and Thailand in supporting WHO and the global, regional and national agenda on physical activity

  4. Maximise effective coalitions and partnerships with like-minded global, regional and national agencies to advance physical activity

  5. Maintain and expand GlobalPANet to mobilize physical activity professionals and build capacity for effective advocacy

  6. Advancing evidence dissemination and translation as a mechanism to support advocacy objectives

You can select to join the GAPA Council when joining or renewing your ISPAH membership. If you are already an ISPAH member and would like to be a member of GAPA, you can join by contacting