The Global Physical Activity Network (GlobalPANet) is a regular email update on the world of physical activity and health. It is the main communication channel for the society and is a free service brought to you by ISPAH. It is designed to share evidence and best practice across a global network of physical activity practitioners, scientists, policy makers and advocates.

Subscribing to GlobalPANet allows you to keep up to date with:

·    Recent research articles and policy documents from around the world

·    News from our councils and networks

·    Information about forthcoming meetings, events and conferences

·    Information about employment opportunities in physical activity

·    Key people and networks in physical activity across the world

GlobalPANet was launched early 2012 and was managed by the National Heart Foundation of Australian (WA) in conjunction with the University of Sydney on behalf of the International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH) and its Advocacy Council GAPA between 2012 - 2018. From 2019, the newsletter is managed by ISPAH directly.