ISPAH ECN Committee Members

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Matthew Mclaughlin

Tepi is a PhD Student at the University of Newcastle, a Research Assistant at Hunter New England Population Health, the Chair of the ISPAH Early Career Network. Tepi also holds a number of consultancy positions in social media, including Social Media Editor of the Journal of Sports Sciences. His avid interest is in getting physical activity and sedentary behaviour evidence into practice. Tepi’s core research focus is in the implementation, scaling and dissemination of efficacious physical activity interventions. In 2017, Tepi completed his Sport and Exercise Science BSc (Hons) at Loughborough University and the University of Western Australia. In 2015, Tepi took a year out of study to complete a one year work placement in research, a Diploma of Professional Studies. Tepi is very active on Twitter (@HealthTepi), get in contact! For Tepi’s research activities, please see his ResearchGate.


Shannon Montgomery

Shannon is a PhD student and Research Assistant at the Centre for Public Health, Queen’s University, Belfast. She graduated with Honours in Human Biology BSc at Queen’s University Belfast in 2015 and commenced a PhD focusing on the use of social networks to encourage teenagers to become more physically active. Shannon’s research interests include adolescent health behaviours, in particular both physical activity and smoking behaviours, social networks and social norms. Shannon is interested in the utilisation of social networks for health behaviour change. Shannon leads the communications aspect of ISPAH ECN.


Masamitsu “Masa” Kamada

Masa, MEd, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the School of Public Health, University of Tokyo, Japan. His work focuses on physical activity epidemiology. He has a unique expertise in studying population-wide social and behavioral interventions and completed his postdoctoral training at Harvard University. As a project coordinator of the Physical Activity Ancillary Study of the Women’s Health Study, he managed a large-scale cohort study with approximately 18,000 participants recruited from throughout the US and examined the relationship between physical activity assessed by accelerometers and various health outcomes. He now leads several physical activity research projects including a large-scale smartphone-based physical activity promotion project with the Japanese professional baseball league (Pacific League). Masa is the ISPAH WPRO Regional Representative.


Artur Direito

Artur is a research fellow in lifestyle-related behaviour change at the National University of Singapore. His background is in health sciences (PhD), lifestyle & chronic disorders (MSc) and physical education & sport (MSc). His drive is to achieve better health outcomes at population level by promoting and supporting healthy lifestyles, with active living at its heart. Artur's research uses behaviour change evidence and theories to inform and guide the design and evaluation of interventions. His recent work includes meta-analysing the effectiveness of digital health for promoting physical activity and exercise among healthy and cardiovascular disease populations, using technologies to capture behaviour, and developing and evaluating mobile technologies to influence physical activity. He serves as vice-chair of the ISPAH ECN.


Kelly Mackenzie

Kelly is a medic specialising in public health who is currently undertaking a PhD at the School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield (UK). Her PhD is funded by a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Doctoral Research Fellowship and focuses on developing, implementing and evaluating complex interventions to support staff to sit less at work. Kelly is passionate about promoting physical activity and health and really interested in getting research into practice, by conducting pragmatic research that can be easily translated into “real-world” contexts. She is also developing interests in using co-production techniques to design and implement complex health promotion interventions and using comprehensive (yet pragmatic) process and outcome evaluation techniques. Kelly is the ISPAH EURO Regional Representative.


Joey Murphy

Joey Murphy is a Post Doctorate researcher in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the University of Limerick. Joey’s current research focuses on the collaboration of researchers, practitioners and policy makers to identify effective interventions and effective implementation methods for increasing physical activity levels in Ireland. Prior to taking this role, Joey completed his PhD looking at the physical activity of Irish university students. He is interested in bridging the gap between research and practice, with key interest in the validation of self-report measures, the clustering of health related behaviours and the examination of factors related to physical activity behaviours in all populations. Along with his current Post Doc position, Joey is also research assistant for the co-funded Erasmus+ project “Keep Youngsters Involved” which focuses on the prevention of youth sport dropout ( Joey has attended and presented at multiple conferences including ISPAH, ISBNPA and HEPA, and is currently the secretary of the ISPAH Early Career Network. Keep updated on Joey’s work through his Twitter profile (@JoeyJMurphy).


Edtna Jáuregui

Jáuregui is an Associate Professor at the Department of Human Sciences, Education, Sports, Recreation and Dance, Health Science Center, University of Guadalajara, Mexico. Jáuregui focuses on physical activity and health, and her early publications directly addressed the influence of different determinants of physical activity in children with and without chronic diseases. She has focused on physical activity patterns and dietary habits, and the relationship between physical activity levels and nutritional status of Mexican children. In the last three years she has been working on exercise prescription and counseling for physicians promoting physical activity. At present, she leads an intervention program to promote physical activity for college students using electronic devices. Jáuregui is the ISPAH PAHO Regional Representative.