ISPAH is a membership-based society, which invites membership from all individuals with an interest in physical activity and health, including academics, practitioners and policymakers. Each individual member of the Society receives a range of benefits including access to the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, priority booking onto ISPAH courses, and discounted registration at the biennial ISPAH Congress. As these benefits are provided on an individual basis, ISPAH does not offer an ‘organisational’ membership option. So sign up to join the Society today, and encourage your colleagues to join too. Together we can work towards creating a more active and healthy world.

Prior to commencing your application, please check your Country's income classification. High, middle and low income is based on The World Bank classifications. Your membership category will be verified upon completion of your application and misclassification will be addressed.


Stay informed

  • Electronic subscription to the Journal of Physical Activity and Health (if you select a subscription membership)

  • Subscription to GlobalPAnet - E-news on physical activity from around the world - see

Build networks through ISPAH Councils

  • Global Advocacy for Physical Activity (GAPA)

  • Council on Environment and Physical Activity (CEPA)

  • Global Observatory for Physical Activity (GoPA!)

  • Agita Mundo - Social Mobilisation for Physical Activity (AGITA)

  • Sedentary Behaviour Council

  • Epidemiology Council

  • Get involved through the Early Career Network

Share research and practice

  • Discounted registration rates for the biennial ISPAH congress

  • Priority access to ISPAH educational seminars and webinars

Assist with Advocacy - NationalLY, Regionally and Globally

  • Be part of a dynamic, influential international advocacy group

  • Contribute to position statements

  • Support partnerships with international agencies

Develop skills

  • Support capacity building activities around the world

Leadership opportunities

  • Join ISPAH Board and Committees such as Communications, Education IT and Membership


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High, middle and low income is based on The World Bank classifications. Please check your countries classification prior to commencing your application for ISPAH membership.

Please note:
JPAH is the Journal of Physical Activity and Health. Membership fees must be paid in full in order to obtain access to the ISPAH member inclusion. If you select a JPAH subscription, your contact details will be forwarded to the Journal for them to process your subscription. Membership fees must be renewed each year to maintain membership status and your ISPAH account. Once an application for membership for ISPAH has been received and processed, the membership fees are due immediately. There are no refunds for membership fees once they have been received and processed. On applying for a student membership, you will be required to verify your student status. If you are unable to do this, you will be required to pay the balance remaining for a full membership. All membership fees are payable in US dollars.