Global Physical Activity Meeting to be held at 2016 World Health Assembly, Geneva

ISPAH is delighted to announce that an official side meeting will be held at this year’s World Health Assembly to discuss global progress on physical activity. As part of initiating a global movement to increase national action and increase population levels of physical activity, the Ministry of Health from Thailand is coordinating this event along with support from 5 other nations. As host nation of the 2016 ISPAH Congress, Thailand is raising the profile of physical activity at the World Health Assembly and asking “are we walking the talk?”  Many countries have developed national plans for physical activity as part of their response to the NCD Action Plan and post 2011 Political Declaration on NCD prevention, but how many are being implemented? Discussing experiences, sharing the lessons learned and identifying solutions to common challenges will be the focus of this important meeting at WHA. ISPAH will be represented at the meeting by Professor Fiona Bull, ISPAH President. Planning is underway and further announcements will update on country participation and associated events. Meanwhile Thai Health Promotion Foundation and ISPAH are working together to ensure that plenty of opportunities for physical activity are available during the week of the WHA and by doing so bring the importance and enjoyment of physical activity to the attention of all delegates.