Register your activtations for World Day of Physical Activity (6 April) and World Move for Health Day (10 May)

A message from our Council Agita Mundo

Please share your activations and experiences for World Day of Physical Activity and World Move for Health Day!  This year’s theme is “Be Active Every Day!”.  It’s easy to do… simply load your event, with photos or other media directly on the Agita Mundo portal.  We will share this information with the entire network, and our broader physical activity community!  Watch this space for more on social mobilization for physical activity, as part of the World Health Organization Global Action Plan for Physical Activity!  Let’s be “activitists” for activity!

Step 1:  Go to the Agita Portal at .

Step 2: Hover on Agita Mundo on the bar at the top of the website.

Step 3: Hover over World Day for Physical Activity and click on Presentation.

Step 4:  Click on REGISTER THE SHARES.

Step 5: Complete the two pages as requested.

Step 6: Upload any media (photos, videos) for your event onto a website or social media site, and place the address (URL) on the second page.  If you have any difficulty in registering or uploading your media, you can contact us directly, by sending an email to: .


Thank you for sharing your experiences with the global community of physical activity activitists, researchers, policy makers, and practitioners!