Sedentary Behaviour Council

Recognising the important and complementary roles of reducing sedentary behaviour and increasing physical activity for improving global public health, the Sedentary Behaviour Council was established to advance science, advocacy, and practice relating to sedentary behaviour and health.

Based on the definition provided by the Sedentary Behaviour Research Network (SBRN), we consider sedentary behaviour to comprise behaviours during waking hours that have low energy expenditure and are performed in a sitting or reclining posture. This is different from low levels of physical activity which should be referred to as ‘physical inactivity’ or ‘insufficient physical activity’.

SBC has 5 core aims:

  • To advance the science in relation to sedentary behaviour research: stimulate scholarly discourse and support sedentary behaviour research in areas including, but not limited to, measurement, surveillance and aetiology of disease. To facilitate international and trans-disciplinary collaborations to accelerate this scientific advancement.

  • Contribute to evidence-informed advocacy: contribute to global consensus documentation on the associations of sedentary behaviour with health outcomes and indicators, and on sedentary behaviour prevalence internationally.

  • Support practice of sedentary behaviour change: facilitate the identification of evidence-informed approaches for changing sedentary behaviours in different settings, and within different geographic regions and population sub-groups.

  • Contribute to education: provide input into the biannual ISPAH Congress and associated workshops; training courses endorsed by ISPAH; online webinars; and teaching materials.

  • Building capacity: foster the development of early and mid-career researchers and practitioners through a biannual newsletter, networking events and mentoring programmes.Sedentary Behaviour Council

Co-Chairs of the SBC: Katrien Wijndaele and Brigid Lynch

Co-Chairs of the SBC: Katrien Wijndaele and Brigid Lynch

You can become a member of the SBC by selecting to join the SBC when initiating or renewing your ISPAH membership. Current ISPAH members can join the SBC council by contacting the secretary: Paul Mackie (

Please note: Membership of the Sedentary Behaviour Council is restricted to members of ISPAH.